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What is CX?

Customer experience is a comprehensive approach to service and product design. It covers everything from the first customer action to the last. The essence of your business is how customers, partners, and employees feel towards and personally EXPERIENCE your products and services. In other words, EXPERIENCE is one of the fundamental fields where market competition occurs.

What is next in CX?

In the last decade, companies have started consciously designing their workflows from a customer experience point of view. The next level in CX maturity is providing a seamlessly integrated customer experience through the entire customer lifecycle. Why is it a must?

Leveraging contextual customer data through the entire customer journey helps companies optimize their workflows, resulting in better conversion rates at every stage of their sales funnel. Of course, this requires a comprehensive integration layer (aka middleware) that enables data sharing between the elements of the complete CX toolset.

In a nutshell, integrated customer experience makes for a better experience. It provides more customer value, which is the best way to win the market competition.


Meet Mndwrk SICXS

Mndwrk SICXS is a wall-to-wall solution for providing an integrated customer experience through the entire customer lifecycle. It covers the implementation services of the whole customer experience stack, including programmatic advertisement, e-commerce portals, CRM-based marketing automation, portal-based marketing automation, field service apps, and customer support.

Its heart is a middleware integration suite that enables gathering, transforming, and syncing contextual data between standalone applications across multiple customer journey steps.


Technology Stack

Ecommerce: Sitecore, Liferay, nop-commerce,  Magento, custom

Marketing Automation: Hubspot, SFDC, Oracle-Eloqua, MS Dynamics 365

Experience Portal: Sitecore, Liferay, Webflow, Umbraco, custom

Integration Technologies

Integration Technologies

  • Web service: REST, SOAP ​
  • Message Queueing: IBM MQ, JMS ​
  • File based: ​XML, CSV, custom
  • DB link ​
  • RPC, RMI​
  • Etc.

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