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Sponsor the leading tech meetup series in Europe

London, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Uppsala, Tallinn, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Munich, Vienna, Budapest, Istambul, Tel Aviv
Hire well-established agile squads

50+ events per year addressing 500k+ digital experts

Online and onsite meetups

Monthly online meetup series with 2-3 presentation slots, monthly onsite meetup roadshow in different locations, and special events (meetup fest, tech breakfast, conference, etc.).

Embedded hiring tools

Every time you sponsor a Mndwrk Digitalk event, we add the participants to your talent pool within your Mndwrk platform account. Geo-targeted PPC campaigns support your hiring goals directly.

Employer branding

Since the professional level of the event is meticulously safeguarded, speaking at a Digitalk event elevates your brand. Event campaigns reach 100.000+ experts.


The shortest way to stock up your pool with top talents.

Presentation slot

Delivering high-quality educative content is one of the best ways to build credibility and generate meaningful conversations.

Local boost

Geo-focused invitation campaigns help our sponsors build their local hiring pool.

Multi-event sponsoring

Sponsoring a sequence of Digitalk events effectively builds brand awareness within the European IT scene.

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