10,000+ professionals combined into one agile entity.

We orchestrate a cross-border community of IT centric agencies, freelancers, and job seekers operating as a unique and flexible organization.


Recruitment services

with a twist

Partner with the largest Central & Eastern European IT community. Leverage our 10,000+ registered members and build new teams in a ridiculously short timeframe. Utilize our game-changing service model or go with the classic headhunting contracts. The choice is yours.

Team augmentation

Add an expert to your team

Fortify your team with senior experts through flexible contracts. Our hand-picked engineers are masters of their craft and familiar with various agile techniques.

Need to be on the spot for team meetings? No problem at all.

Agile Team

Dedicated Well-established teams

Lana studied cultural anthropology before becoming a professional tech recruiter. She loves working with people, but nowadays, her job is not easy; finding competent software engineers is increasingly difficult. We are here to help her and everyone in her shoes. We can get her the people she needs in an instant.

Project-based services

Fixed-price contracts

Need a sustainable software product that exceeds expectations but lack the necessary workforce to deliver it? Our experts can help you out for the project’s duration. We offer professionals who develop at a rapid pace, focus on business KPIs, keep strategic goals in mind, apply efficient prototyping, and agile software development techniques. Pick a handful or an entire team of specialists from our qualified subcontractors with an impressive track record.

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