our approach.

Mndwrk is a pioneering initiative to revolutionize how IT experts form an exceptionally flexible organization to deliver outstanding quality and velocity.

We orchestrate a cross-border community of IT centric agencies, freelancers, and job seekers operating as a unique and flexible organization.

How we are different

Mndwrk’s mission is to build the world’s first next-gen software company - one that is community-owned. It is a company designed for engineers by engineers. It is fair, democratic, and transparent. It is decentralized, autonomous, and virtual. It is tokenized and co-owned by members. It is a better company.

Mndwrk offers for Mndwrk-ers:

  • Free trainings and mentors
  • Free career consulting and guidance
  • A vivid professional community with online and onsite events
  • Tokenized community share program

Who we are

Mndwrk™ is the largest IT service service hub in the Central & Eastern European region. We are a loosely coupled set of entities orchestrated into a uniquely agile organization, harboring numerous IT companies and experts.

  • 10.000+ profiled IT job seekers at Mndwrk
  • 100+ squads and tribes

We are headquartered in Budapest, the largest metropolitan area in Central & Eastern Europe, an emerging startup and IT hub, and the perfect nearshore venue for Western European companies.

For more useful details regarding the city read our Budapest ebook.

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Adaptive IT workforce

Customer needs and desires are rapidly shifting, and undoubtedly raising the bar on the market ever so slightly.  As a result, organizations must leverage one another to provide agile, scalable and adoptable new technology in rapid succession. This is especially true when it comes to IT and R&D.

Contracts with outsource agencies are a great tool for acquiring a desired adaptive IT workforce. IT contracts offer a workforce with adequate competence with the amount and duration necessary for given projects. In addition, IT contracts are easily scalable if the circumstances demand it.

Why is Mndwrk the best partner when it comes to building an adaptive IT workforce?

Most IT agencies provide their “flexible” services via their own employees, which is a rather rigid and expensive approach with no possibility to exceed headcount limitations. In contrast, Mndwrk facilitates a vivid community of IT freelancers, an ocean of experts so to speak, where availability and capacity is not bound by employee headcounts.

We are pioneering a new form of company structure. Mndwrk is an agile and flexible organization by design, capable of providing the IT workforce you need with never-seen-before conditions.

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