our approach.

Mndwrk is a pioneering initiative to revolutionize how digital experts and employers find each other and collaborate forming an exceptionally flexible augmented organization to deliver outstanding quality and velocity.

Our vision is called Augmented-Connected Workforce which is a cutting-edge organization strategy and architecure.

How we are different

Mndwrk’s mission is to build the world’s first Augmented Organization Platform.

On the one hand it is a professional community designed for engineers by engineers. It is fair, democratic, and transparent. It is decentralized, autonomous, and virtual. It is tokenized and co-owned by members. It is a better company.

On the other hand Mndwrk is a cutting-edge human resources marketplace equipped with advanced HR software functions for hiring, integrating and managing workforce seamlessly.

Who we are

Mndwrk is the largest IT workforce and service  marketplace in the Central & Eastern European region. We are a loosely coupled set of entities orchestrated into a uniquely agile organization, harboring numerous IT companies and experts.

  • 18.000+ profiled IT job seekers
  • 100+ squads and tribes

We are headquartered in Budapest, the largest metropolitan area in Central & Eastern Europe, an emerging startup and IT hub, and the perfect nearshore venue for Western European companies.

For more useful details regarding the city read our Budapest ebook.

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The rise of the Augmented Organization

In the evolving landscape of workforce dynamics, the term 'atypical employment' captures the essence of non- traditional work arrangements. It's a deviation from what we've known as standard: the full-time, permanent roles. With the rise of atypical work models, it's clear that the working world is transforming. For organizations to remain relevant and competitive, adapting to these changes is not just beneficial – it's essential. By incorporating varied work models, they can access a broader talent pool, foster innovation, and position themselves strategically in an ever-fluctuating global market.

In our vision companies add supplementary layers to their core organization such as recruitment pool, freelance pool, subcontractors, and alumni for augmenting the radius of certain HR management tools to these additional layers.

Modern employers redefine organizational boundaries, incorporating these layers into competency management, capacity planning, hiring, culture building, and various administrative back-office workflows.

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