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Radically reduce hiring cost and time,

Freely browse thousands of individual and team profiles,

Implement software functions such as ATS, People CRM, Career Portal with Talent Login, and Competency Management,

Build your own talent pools as part of a long-term hiring strategy,

Involve contractors in back-office workflows

Then Mndwrk is tailor-made for you.

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Revolutionizing IT recruitment
The Mndwrk free plan offers an advanced ATS (Applicant Tracking System) optimized for long-term talent pool strategy including talent CRM and career portal functions, access to an international pool of quality talent profiles, and a game-changing hiring fee.

No brainer, by design.

Augmented Organization Platform

Connect additional layers to your core organization such as recruitment pool, freelance pool, subcontractors, and alumni. Augment the radius of HR management tools to this next-generation organization architecture for increasing competitiveness and retrieving control over hiring cost, competence management, corporate culture, and capacity planning.

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Pre-loaded talent pools

Building talent pools takes time. But time is money. So, why you don't ask us for loading a stack of profiles into your Mndwrk account? With contact information and GDPR consent of course.

Mndwrk works as an international community of digital professionals. It caters to traditional employees, freelancers, and introduces a groundbreaking concept - Freelancer Squads, a unique creation by Mndwrk.

Platform features

Check out how the Mndwrk Platform enables the Augmented Organization strategy


Applicant Tracking System with career portal and talent login functionality.

Find and hire experts

The matchmaking feature allows you to search for missing resources across the entire ecosystem, including potential employees, freelancers, and corporate contractors.

Jobs and projects

Publish new job opportunities and projects in your pool or even in the entire ecosystem.

Private pool & community

Launch your private platform to implement a future-proof hiring strategy. Build a composite recruitment pipeline that delivers without headhunting.

Gamification token

Excite your pool members to get involved in community programs. Reward their contribution through a gamification token and a related webshop of geeky kinds of stuff.


Implement a time-based or performance-based Employee Stock Ownership Plan and extend it to your community (CSOP).

CRM/ATS/ERP connectors

Effortlessly integrate a wide range of HR and marketing tools.

Competency management

Run competence reports and create competecy matrices on the entire talent pool.

3D performance appraisal

We introduce a holistic and automated performance appraisal concept called 3D which is a 360-degree system plus client review plus community contribution.

Back-office workflows

Build back-office workflows quick and easy and make them available within your entire talent pool.

Capacity planner

Advanced capacity planning using multiple sources (co-workers, freelancers, corporate contractors, external candidate pool).

AI-based time tracking

Let your team share their progress visually in seconds for a new level of transparency and productivity.

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Simple, transparent pricing



For looking around easily

Browsing employee and freelance profiles
Browsing profiles of cohesive teams (squads)
Career portal with talent login and ATS
Talent pool limit: 100
Commission:  €2,900 /€4,900 per hire
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For every business that hires engineers

Everything in the
Free plan
Onboarding by a Platform Success Manager
Monthly segmented messages to your pool: 1
Talent pool limit: 500
Commission:  €2,900 /€3,900 per hire
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For every business that employs engineering teams

Everything in the
Pro plan
Talent pool top up from the community: 250
Talent pool limit: 5,000
Commission: €1,900  €2,900 per hire
Included hires per year: 5
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For large organizations with multiple locations

Everything in the Titan plan
Data connectors to ATS, CRM, ERP, etc.
Advanced HR functions
Support for DLP, e-Discovery and offline backup providers
SAML-based single sign-on
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* Paid annually

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