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Social responsibility

We are lucky to say that our job is also our passion. We believe that digital transformation is the only right answer to many serious challenges of our civilization. It helps reduce our environmental footprint and drives progressive social transformations ahead towards an equal and inclusive world.

Relevant programs and initiatives at Mndwrk:

  • Promotion of agile methods in public education
  • Promotion of an IT career among woman
  • Supporting early tech startups with free consultancy

Diversity & Inclusivity

At Mndwrk, we firmly believe that every human being is equal. We not only accept diversity but celebrate it!

Nevertheless, our tolerance extends to those who are less tolerant. We do believe that people change by example, not by force. It is not easy, we know it.

Relevant programs and initiatives at Mndwrk:

  • Promotion of IT career among women
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Gender balance in management

Code of conduct

We help our new colleagues to fit in and adapt our corporate culture through clear guidelines. The most important expectations are present in our Code of Conduct which is publicly available.

Download and read Mndwrk Code of Conduct

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