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Itiner back-office application

Key Features

No-code solution

Create simple and complex workflows through Drag & Drop. No coding or scripting is needed.

Cloud-native & Mobile-first

By design Itiner provides a microservice-based cloud-native backend and mobile-first frontend.


Itiner is a highly customizable, scalable and integrable with other enterprise solutions.

Just like an ATM

Simple and error proof

Our focus is providing organizations a platform that is just as simple as operating an ATM machine. One that guides the users' actions all along the way and makes sure that all committed actions remain error proof.

Lowering the skill ceiling

Itiner lowers the skill ceiling and ensures that front and back-office employees can easily define, develop and manage complex workflows without the need for any technical background or coding skills.

Enabling Digital Transformation

Itiner enables organizations to easily adopt to new trends by allowing business professionals to create new applications even on a daily basis. This makes sure that customer demands are always satisfied.

Just like an ATM

Itiner Workspace

A flexible and agile solution that responds with high precision to the organization's needs

Itiner Workspace is a combination of an intuitive Workflow Management System and a checklist.

Itiner Workspace is an innovative tool built not only for defining business processes & data management procedures, but also for managing daily tasks & workflows.

End users can learn to use it in less than 60 seconds thanks to its intuitive UI & UX. It can run on any device from terminals to mobile devices & tablets.

No coding skills or fancy qualifications are needed. Your control over your work has never been this powerful & easy!

It enables everyone to develop workflow applications in less then a day while complying with all of the security and auditing requirements.

Itiner Workspace

Itiner Flex Engine

An interconnected complex structure that combines the power of its individual modules

Itiner Flex Engine is built to define and develop complex Business Processes in a data driven manner.

Itiner Flex Engine is an operation organizer that standardizes the daily of large multinational enterprises and government entities. operations

It makes the handling of everyday tasks, documents, workflows and process easy and efficient.

Designed to manage standard and non-standard complex operations using data-driven Workflows with very strong user right management and reporting capabilities.

Itiner Flex Engine
Itiner Repo Engine

Itiner Repo Engine

A centralized and secure repository for documents

Itiner Repo Engine combines document, data, lifecycle, master data & case management into one.

ITINER Repo Engine is a centralized repository for digital documents and master data that is readily available at all time to authorized users.

Enable organizations to centrally store, manage and access both digitized documents and collected data.

Allows to facilitate data lifecycle processes from creation all the way to retention and erasure.

Manages master data collected from forms, and documents that can be utilized in templates and correlated with accounts and cases.

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