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October 1, 2021

Microsoft Power Platform, a tool for HR automation

The onboarding process has an impact on whether new employees will be able to assimilate into the corporate culture, how much they will enjoy doing their responsibilities, and whether they will be able to turn into a valuable asset for the organization. 

However, there are some challenges that HR managers and directors need to face when they are trying to welcome, educate and train the new workforce. These bottlenecks are usually rooted in manual and monotonous tasks, like providing them with the necessary documentation, access to platforms, workspaces, and including them in ongoing workflows. 

Luckily, there are some smart solutions, like the Microsoft Power Platform, that help organizations automate their HR processes.

The technical challenges of HR in the 21th century

Any department can be overloaded by manual work and make mistakes while juggling with information from many different channels, sensitive data, or contracts at the same time. The HR department needs to tackle even more manual processes than any other department, as they need to handle the hiring, paperwork, training, onboarding, and management of every employee. Within an organization, where digital transformation hasn’t started yet, this procedure is further complicated by the necessity to manage the combination of printed and digitalized records.

Moreover, in many cases, the IT department needs to be included in the correction of mistakes, or the execution of certain tasks, which makes the process even more expensive, slow and frustrating.

What is more, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, more and more organizations are enabling their employees to work from home or from remote locations. While this trend is great for morale, it puts extra pressure on HR as they need to complete the same quality and quantity of hiring and onboarding without the candidate having to enter the office building. 

These causes call for an automated digital solution, which is able to serve the modern needs of HR directors and managers, thus saving them time, resources, and big sums of money for the enterprise.

What is the Microsoft Power Platform?

The Microsoft Power Platform is a smart automation kit for teams, departments and organizations that helps them analyze data, build solutions, automate processes and create virtual agents. The Power Platform comprises 4 different segments, that can be utilized on their own, but their strengths add up when used in sync with each other. These elements are the Power BI, the Power Apps, the Power Automate and the Power Virtual Agents. 

What are they good for?

  1. The Power BI helps you make informed, confident business decisions by generating data-driven insights that you and your team can use for decision-making.
  2. The Power Apps provides your team with the means of turning ideas into organizational solutions by building custom apps that solve business challenges.
  3. The Power Automate is able to boost business productivity, helps your workforce to get more done by automating organizational processes.
  4. The Power Virtual Agents solution aids you in building chatbots to engage with your customers and employees, thus increasing their satisfaction and overall experience.

Full process automation with Power Automate

As you might have already figured it out, with the use of the Power Automate tool you can create tailor-made automations to overcome all of your workflow productivity issues. With the help of this solutions you can turn your outdated manual and repetitive processes into automated procedures that don’t require the intervention of your employees anymore. As a result, they can spend their time with more valuable and interesting projects, like strategic planning, brainstorming, handling personnel requests, and working on the advancement of your team and enterprise. 

Furthermore, the Power Automate is a low-code solution, as it comes with hundreds of prebuilt automation solutions. If you’ve been worried about stressing out and burdening your IT team with automating your processes, this should definitely be your go-to solution.

What is more, this smart software is not only capable of automating processes, but generates data-driven insights that help you decide which procedures you should automate first. This smart feature contributes to the framing of your workflow automation plan, while constantly informing you about the effectiveness of your workflows.

How can you harvest the advantages of the Microsoft Power Platform?

We’re sure that by now you are all hyped up by the capabilities of this state-of-the-art solution. However, we know very well that the implementation of new solutions is easier said than done, so you might be discouraged just by thinking about all the tasks you need to fulfill in order to harvest the advantages of this powerful tool.

Fortunately you don’t have to do it alone, or without assistance.

Our experts have the necessary know-how to aid you through the process. We will guide you through the journey of utilizing the benefits of the Microsoft Power Platform, which will eventually fortify your organization with perfectly fitted, tailor-made solutions. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need support, guidance, or a professional team for the execution of your automated business processes with the use of the Microsoft Power Platform. 

Do you want to learn how you can harness the advantages of predefined and automated processes to empower any HR organization with their onboarding?

Register to our webinar where our skilled software development professional, Gergely, shows you the best practices our team uses during our projects.

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