about us.

We run a Budapest-centered cross-border community of IT agencies, IT freelancers, and IT job seekers orchestrated together into a uniquely flexible organization which is large and capable enough to win fanciable software projects.

Who we are

Mndwrk is a pioneering initiative to revolutionize how IT experts form an exceptionally flexible organization to deliver outstanding quality and velocity.

Mndwrk combines the advantages of a vivid professional community and a large R&D organization of agile teams:

  • Fair and transparent profit share
  • Clear career path supported by a pro HR team
  • Exciting and momentous projects to work on
  • Great team and mentors to learn from


Budapest is the largest metropolitan area in East-Central Europe, an emerging startup and IT hub, and the perfect nearshore venue for Western European companies.

It provides fast transportation links to other European cities, perfect infrastructure for work and life, and - not negligibly - EU law.

For more useful details regarding the city read our Budapest ebook.


How does it feel being a Mndwrk-er?

It is a good experience by design. Mndwrk is a kind of meta organization guiding you through a life-long career full of hand-picked projects and companies. Whatever your current job is, you are also a part of a greater thing at the same time which you can always count on.

Do you want to work in a significant international project? No problem at all! We help you build yourself up. Let's find some relevant smaller projects first to be able to present a gorgeous track record. Maybe you could write a few articles as well. In fact, you could even give a presentation at a Mndwrk event, for example. It can't hurt.

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