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August 10, 2021

Hello, Mndwrk!

Marketera Ltd. to Announce Mndwrk

New name and legal form with a reformed ownership structure

We are excited to announce that Marketera Consulting Ltd. and its sub-brands, Talentera and Mindfusion, have entered a new stage of their evolution via a significant change in their organizational structure and will be conducting business as Mndwrk Zrt. as of today.

This new entity is a full legal successor to Marketera. Our partners will receive further notification regarding the company registry and tax numbers in due time.

What are we announcing today?

We announce Mndwrk PLC (Mndwrk Zrt.), a Budapest (Hungary) based, tech-focused digital transformation and marketing agency. Mndwrk PLC unifies our previous sub-brands and merges our former operational areas:

  • Marketera’s B2B funnel development and go-to-market services
  • Talentera’s agile career building and recruitment services, and
  • Mindfusion’s nearshoring for software development and IT project services.

Mndwrk also extends the scope of our activities to help organizations execute a sustainable digital transformation strategy.

What is the purpose of restructuring Marketera, Mindfusion, and Talentera into Mndwrk?

Establishing Mndwrk PLC aims to build a legal and business framework that promotes our company’s intensive growth and geographical expansion, creating a leading digital B2B agency and IT vendor in Central and Eastern Europe.

Mndwrk helps organizations quick-start and or boost their global business and enable them to provide sustainable digital transformation solutions faster, on budget, and more efficiently.

What business needs will Mndwrk serve?

Mndwrk PLC., just like Marketera Ltd., aims to aid companies during their complete digitalization and innovation lifecycle. Our business activities cover the full stack of design, development, recruitment, and go-to-market services while aspiring to a new level of customer excellence in every single phase.

We are providing a novel approach to the design of digital products through the integrated management of branding and customer experience. Our exceptional business domain knowledge, together with our nearly limitless and highly scalable developer resources, provides a competitive advantage during the development processes.

What makes our recruitment and other IT resource-related services unique is our extensive and continuously active professional community. On top of that, we provide the main IT contractor and integrator activities that complement our go-to-market services.

What novelties does Mndwrk bring to market?

Our rapid growth and international expansion are driven by a groundbreaking business model. We brought IT professionals and other companies together to create an organization, amplifying the benefits of their cumulative strength, utility, and agility. This professional community has the ability to collaborate on recruitment, training, marketing, and providing services – bringing a new, service-oriented organizational model to life.

The Mndwrk IT Community Platform provides immediate access to 7000+ IT professionals in uniquely flexible packages – and is continuously growing.

Registered members and contracting partners of this community value us as a platform effectively supporting their professional and business development. Members of the Mndwrk community can join training sessions and large-scale international projects that would not be available for them otherwise.

What is Mndwrk’s vision? How do we want to educate the World?

Our banner has cooperation, agility, and transparency written on it. We believe that advanced technologies help the current unraveling of the traditional economic structure. As part of this, capital-centered corporate structures are gradually replaced by professional communities built around effective collaboration and collective learning.

Mndwrk’s adaptive IT workforce and marketing consulting services serve its customers and partners with every step of their journey in today’s hectic business environment. Our unlimited source of adaptive IT resources and proven B2B marketing strategy expertise are sure to make a difference.

How does the restructuring process of Marketera, Mindfusion, and Talentera to Mndwrk work?

  1. The first stage was concluded in May when a consortium of four professional investors carried out a capital increase in Marketera Ltd.
  2. Today we announce a new brand and website, while the previous brand names Marketera, Talentera, and Mindfusion will be gradually retired with a short transition period.
  3. The commercial court decision about the registration of Mndwrk Zrt. and the ceasing of Marketera Ltd. are in progress.

Mndwrk’s ownership structure

Even after the first capital raise, 80% of our company is still owned by its original founders and management as part of an employee stock ownership plan. The four professional investors (Nova Services Zrt., Care All Kft., Mortoff Kft., and evoCRM Kft.) now own 20% of our company altogether. The collective goal of the current owners is a new round of capital funding provided by domestic and international institutional investors.

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