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We are a dynamic team driven by a shared set of core values: dedication, high professional standards, and agility. Together, we bring a diverse range of expertise and experience to ensure exceptional software development solutions.

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Squad's battlecry

The code of today is the tech that shapes tomorrow!

Working, learning, and having fun together.

Tech Stack

Java, JavaScript, Angular, Docker, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Spring, Spring Boot, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, Android Development, Ansible, Cloud, DevOps, Kubernetes, Linux, Maven, Python, REST, Security, jQuery, SQL, PL/SQL, XML, Ajax, UML, JUnit, Selenium, Apache, NetBeans, Eclipse, MS Office, Git, Jira, Confluence, Solaris, PHP, C, Liferay, Packer, Confident, Writing Skills, Kotlin, SharePoint

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We can start your project in 30 days

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software engineer
Business Analyst
Product Owner
Project Management

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