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All our squad members are young and dedicated;we are proud of the strong connection and reliability.  Well-educated and well-experienced members (ca 10 years each) joined us from multinational companies, and we have been working together for years now, mostly on international projects. Orginally started as the core of a startup company, the keys to achieve this are organic growth, freedom in the usage of technologies and an inspiring environment, working on products as our own. We put a lot of effort into continuous training, introducing and getting familiar with new technologies to keep ourselves up-to-date. Most of us are also active in international development communities.


Despite it's size, the squad has a wide range of development and management skills, represented by senior iOS, Android and backend specialists while all of them have experience in other fields as well. The devops tasks cover the architecture engineer’s duties too. To make this a seamless, efficient and easy-to-use solution, we are using the newest technologies and services which fit the system. Icza, our backend engineer, focusing on Go, having plenty of experience also in Java, and database management. Active StackOverflow user, #1 all time Go contributor. Zsolt, our iOS guru & solution architect got everything needed to an iOS app development with wide range of knowledge, not only client- but also in backend, databases, architecture and devops. Active member and moderator of the Vapor server-side Swift framework community. Regular member on the iOS Developers HQ Slack and the RxSwift community.

Gab, our Android specialist, Zsolt's brother is highly skilled in various Android development technologies, also experienced in Spring based server development and database management. Among his professional activities, he's publishing articles on Medium (Proandroiddev, ITNext, Startitup), Realm Academy) and acive member of several Android dev communities.Peter completes the devs, taking care of the project management, tracking, communication and also BA tasks. Being a connection between the squad and PO's, he ensures everything is on track, everyone is updated and everything is documented. Skilled in various pm methods, getting a Prince2 certificate.

This is our core squad which can be extended. Besides these we are a creative and solution-centric team, so we like to contribute to product development as well;which is another way to create value apart from development.

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Squad's battlecry

Our strength is our team

Working, learning, and having fun together.

Tech Stack

go,java,javascript,mongodb,redis,postgres,google datastore,docker,heroku,aws,google firebase,git,svn,swift,objective c,rxswift,UIkit,rest API design, graphQL,CI,Combine,Software design,UML,protocol buffers,android development,kotlin,rxJava,AndroidX/Jetpack,Realm,SQL,Dagger2,Spring,XML,JSON,SOAP,OkHttp,Jira,Zenhub,Sketch,Figma

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Squad availability

Default Availability Hours: 9.00-18.00 CET

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