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A Fairgame is a freelance team created by experienced professionals on the Mndwrk platform, which has developed a special, engineer-tailored team-building training system. Due to the novelty and quality of the service, it has been included in the highlighted offerings of Mndwrk.

About Team Building in General

Being together is great, so team-building activities generally tend to be successful, at least according to participants' evaluations. However, the positives often extend beyond the beneficial effects of eating, drinking, and engaging in conversation together.

Therefore, it's worth raising expectations! In our opinion, a team-building event is successful when participants individually and as a team experience it as a cathartic moment, later considering it a milestone in their careers.

The Fairgame Concept

Fairgame is a situational game where participants, in small teams, immerse themselves in the roles of fictional startup competitors of their company. They prepare and take part in an equally fictional professional exhibition (trade show). The system is flexible and can be expanded with numerous additional modules. It can be organized in one, one and a half, or two-day versions, either within office premises or external locations. The number of participants can also vary widely.

Main benefits

Tailored for IT

A startup role-playing game in the style of a hackathon, emphasizing agile teamwork.

Role Reversal

Role reversal, with the empathy for another perspective, aids teamwork and supports cohesion.

Idea Exchange

The time pressure and heightened competitive environment facilitate the gathering of creative ideas that can directly or indirectly translate into business successes.

Leadership Skills

The situational game is highly suitable for identifying leadership skills.

Opening Up

Stepping out of the comfort zone and experiencing mild stress helps in opening up and getting to know each other on a deeper level, fostering team cohesion.


The situation demands a business-focused, customer-centric, and focused perspective, supporting collaboration with the business.

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A startup-themed role-playing game with a hackathon-like atmosphere in an agile team collaboration.

Working, learning, and having fun together.

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