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Edua is an ever-expanding team of IT enthusiasts, who met at the University of Szeged. We are keen to apply our knowledge in the industrial field, and are open to every kind of challenge. Our team currently consists of specialists from Artificial Intelligence and Image Recognition as well. Although the size of  our team is modest for the time being, we are confident that we will grow in  the next few years. Let the team introduction begin with Viktor, who is the master of the squad. He is currently attends his Ph.D. studies at the University of Szeged  and is currently an active member of the MTA-SZTE Research Group on  Artificial Intelligence. Previously, he worked several years as a software developer at the Department of Software Engineering and at other industrial  participants. His main research interests lie in software engineering and artificial intelligence. Bence received his MSc degree in computer science from the University of Szeged. During his years at school he participated at the work of Department of Software Engineering and Department of Image Processing and Computer Graphics. After graduation Bence started to work at an international company as a software engineer.

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Squad's battlecry

Don't just do it, do it properly.

Working, learning, and having fun together.

Tech Stack

C/C++, Java (Hibernate, Spring), C# (Asp.NET), Html-CSS-JavaScript-JQuery, PHP, R, SQL, PL/SQL, NoSQL, Python (tensorflow, numpy), Elm, Typescript (Angular, React), Matlab

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Squad availability

Every day between 7:00 and 18:00 (GMT+2), up to 50 hours weekly.

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Backend Development

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