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Inspire confidence, empower change. By inspiring confidence, building trust, and strengthening the economies we operate in, we empower organizations, governments and society with insights to make bold changes to a fairer, stronger world. 

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Check out the outstanding benefits Kasa can offer you
  • Competitive salary, fringe benefits, and bonus system.
  • Long-term career opportunity in a dynamically growing, international environment.
  • A young, cheerful, dynamic team, a motivating atmosphere, and an active community life.
  • Stable professional background, diverse and challenging consulting tasks.
  • Personal and professional development opportunities by providing an annual training framework.
  • Continuous use of a foreign language and cooperation with teams from other KPMG offices as needed.
  • Well-being support services (private health care, sports opportunities, mental well-being program, coaching)
  • Opportunity to participate in voluntary and other CR activities.
  • Flexible, hybrid working (on average, we spend 1-2 days a week in the office, but depending on individual preference, even more is possible).

Cyber ​​Security Advisory:

The Cyber Security Advisory team in Budapest provides support in making IT systems and environments secure, well-controlled and in line with legislation. We help our clients identify and assess information security risks, which may significantly influence the continuous and secure operation, thus their ability to generate revenue. Furthermore, our advisors assist our clients in designing and implementing information security controls that comply both with legal requirements and international standards. Specific teams are established focusing on application level controls (for SAP and other ERPs).

Cyber ​​Lab:

The Ethical Hacker team in Budapest, known as KPMG CyberLab is a team of professionals working to assess the client’s cyber security and align it to their business needs. The team performs penetration testing for clients from all over the world. From blackbox to whitebox testing, from code review to O365 cloud solution reviews there is nothing standing between a security risk and the team.

company culture

KPMG recognises that our ‘culture’ is a critical part of how we do business. Our reputation is created by the way the people within our member firms act with clients, colleagues and their communities. KPMG member firms are helping businesses respond to changes in the global economy. We are also committed to providing an environment where our people can flourish and contribute to a sustainable world.

The KPMG culture is rooted in our values. Our integrity and policy of open and honest communication builds trust and collaboration, while our flexibility and diversity creates a culture in which people share knowledge freely, bringing out the very best in each other. Asked why they choose to work with KPMG member firms, many clients talk about our high level of professional ethics, our loyalty and our approachability.

Our culture extends beyond good business practice. We are also recognized for the efforts we make to alleviate poverty, support education and protect the environment around the world. KPMG member firms work diligently with other companies, governments and non-government organizations to address these problems and make a positive difference in peoples’ health, welfare and prosperity.



Thomson McLintock establishes his business in Glasgow under the name Thomson McLintock & Co.


James Marwick and Roger Mitchell founded the accounting firm Marwick Mitchell & Co. in New York


William Barclay Peat & Co. merges with Marwick Mitchell & Co. to form Peat Marwick Mitchell & Co. (PMI)


KMG is established by the merger of Klynveld Kraayenhof & Co., McLintock Main LaFrentz, and Deutsche Treuhandgesellschaft


KMG and Peat Marwick (PMI) join forces in the first mega-merger of major accounting firms to form KPMG


KPMG opens its office in Budapest, the first in the Central and Eastern European region


KPMG in Hungary celebrates its 30th birthday


Top companies from all sectors, especially from financial, telco and energy.

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