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What are the Mndwrk squads?

Squads are independent entities on the Mndwrk Community Platform, empowering community members to be autonomously organized into agile dev teams.

Squads can take on projects from the project list. Working in your own squad with your buddies and sidekicks is a true next-gen experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How are squads paid?

Community squads are contracted and paid through their members. Mndwrk contract squad members one by one and pay accordingly.

Can I be a member of multiple squads?

You can be a member of any squad.

How many squads can be owned by one Squad Master?

There is no limit.

Who is the Squad Master?

The Squad Master is the squad's founder, administrator, and contact person. They are usually the ones we have an interview call with to validate the squad.

Who can create squads?

These are the requirements for creating a Mndwrk squad:

  1. Be a registered member of the Mndwrk Community Platform
  2. Buy (or earn) a Foundation Membership Badge (it does not matter which one).
Where can I get the badge?

If you go to the Squad menu item on the Mndwrk Community Platform, you will see the button “Upgrade Membership”.

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