Beta Tester Program

Let's build the next-gen software company together

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What is Mndwrk?

Mndwrk’s mission is to build the world’s first next-gen software company - one that is community-owned.

It is a company designed for engineers by engineers. It is fair, democratic, and transparent. It is decentralized, autonomous, and virtual. It is tokenized and co-owned by members. It is a better company.

Create your own squad

Meet a completely new work experience. Recruit or just join a work squad of your friends, ex-colleagues, and ex-classmates. It's up to you who you work with. Very next-gen feeling, isn't it?

On the other hand, create a squad on the Mndwrk community platform with come clicks, and you started your own business. This is something!

Working, learning, and having fun together with your friends - it is the Mndwrk experience.

Community Stock Ownership Plan

Do not get it wrong! We pay for your engineering work in real money (USD, EUR, GBP).

Mndwrk Coin (MWC) is for rewarding community contribution. When you invite a new member, write a blog post, speak at a meetup or participate in a charity hackathon, you earn MWC.

And what is MWC for? You can redeem it for stock through the Community Stock Ownership Plan. The more you support the community the more share you get.

Read the ICO whitepaper draft for more details.

Join the
Beta Tester Program

We are searching for 50 core members for beta testing. You will test the community platform and comment on the ICO whitepaper.

● 5.000 MWC
● 100 invitations (to earn 100,000 MWC)
● Gold Foundation Membership badge
● Freelancer training (3x3 hours)
Join the program

The registration for the Beta Tester Program happens through the Mndwrk Community Platform. So the application is already testing at the same time. Sorry, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to hit two birds with one stone. Please be aware that this is not a real job but a community contribution.