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Join our Cloud computing webinar as a presenter.


Zoom presentation (40-45 minutes + Q & A)
Meetup presentation (40-45 minutes + Q & A)
Conference presentation (30-45 minutes)
Blog post (5,000 - 8,000 characters)
Paper (10,000 - 20,000 characters)

Submission closes




Are you up in the clouds with your expertise in cloud computing? Do you have the aspiration to present in front of software engineers? Then don’t hesitate. Submit your abstract today!

We are looking for abstract submissions in English for a 40-minute webinar presentation.

We are especially looking for the following topics: Multi and Hybrid Cloud, AI, Serverless Cloud, and Cloud Security.

Can't find your topic listed? Worry not. If you think we would find your topic interesting, send it our way anyway. We are always looking for new ideas and perspectives.

How to submit:
Please fill out our form below with your information, the name of the presentation, and the abstract. If you have a previous presentation recorded on Youtube, send it as well.


Multi and Hybrid cloud, AI, Serverless Cloud, and Cloud Security.

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