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At Kasa, we aspire to set a new standard of reliability, comfort and convenience for business and leisure travelers by building a global accommodations brand that is beloved by guests, indispensable to property partners, and desired by neighbors.

Check out the outstanding benefits Kasa can offer you

Remote Work: With flexibility as a core value, and over three-quarters of the team working remotely, Kasa employees are able to work from anywhere!

Kasa Travel Credit: We love to travel! Kasa employees get an allowance of free stays with us in any of our locations, plus a 50% discount on any nights for friends and family.

Generous Stock Option Plan: We believe the success of our business should be shared with our team. As you grow with us, we increase the opportunities for you to become part-owners of our company.

Competitive Salary: We offer base salaries at or above market rates plus additional earning opportunities based on the position.

Flexible PTO: Full-time exempt Kasa employees are encouraged to take time off as they need and see fit, ensuring that it's not disruptive to their work.

Home office upgrade budget: We provide you with a one-time 200,000 HUF budget to upgrade your home office equipment after you join Kasa.

Health insurance: All Hungarian employees receive the Spring Blue package from Medicover.

Trip to San Francisco: We'll fully cover a week-long trip to SF to meet your teammates after your first quarter with us.

Family-friendly environment: We provide an additional 15 days of paid leave for secondary caregivers. Our flexible working hours enable you to design work-life harmony on your own terms.



We provide safe, comfortable and reliable apartments and hotel rooms that are the ideal accommodation during these uncertain times. We maintain strict cleanliness standards and offer 24/7 contactless access for your safety and comfort.


To discover the ideal Kasa for you, go through our lists of well-managed and maintained apartments.


Our easy booking interface guides you through the process seamlessly.


It’s time for your stay. Your one-stop Virtual Front Desk will have all the information you need.


We’re here to help with 24/7 support, but only if you want us to. Otherwise, we’ll leave you to it!

company culture


Long-term orientation

We're on a 100+ year journey, building a brand to last many generations beyond our own.

Think Big

We embrace the challenge of building a global brand in a groundbreaking industry. Think in terms of 10x, not 10% and make no small plans!


Our product is all about saying ''yes,and,,,", and so is our work ethos, unlocking heightened creativity, autonomy, and productivity.


We find ways to feed two birds with one scone. We invest our resources thoughtfully and strategically to accomplish great things in an efficient manner.


We seek out root causes, directing inquiries and efforts toward the heart of the matter.

Growth mindset

Through fearless feedback and consistent, honest input, we aspire to improve our products, our organization, and ourselves.


We established our company in 2016 with the aim of reimagining hospitality by creating a new class of lodging that is spacious, reliable, and reasonably priced. By 2021 we increased our number of units from 18 to 1,013, and expanded our team to 212 employees. At the moment we’re building all together an organization to last many generations.

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