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Our purpose is to create digital ID solutions that let people take back control of their data. We strive to build a mobile customer identification ecosystem that connects users and businesses smoothly and securely. 

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E-customer services

GoodID’s e-customer service solution offers instantly available remote client identification, contract signing and administration to companies that rely on face-to-face customer service centres or field agents.


We make quick customer identification and online contract signing possible and secure. A smart way of scanning documents, electronic signature and automated verification are all part of our service and support. 

Digital pass

With QPass technology, GoodID puts users at the forefront of high-end digital authentication. It allows attendees to easily and seamlessly enter events. We pay particular attention to efficiently monitoring entry and to non-contact solutions.


Our mobile-based solution automates data entry to make personal identification more efficient. By simply connecting the Scanner and the front office system, the identification and data entry processes of service providers can be shortened by up to 10 minutes.

Digital wallet 

GoodID is a multipurpose digital wallet where you can store, manage and share your personal data in a fast, simple and secure way. Digitize your documents and identify yourself smoothly and securely with GoodID. 

company culture


A digital future

Our culture is defined by our collaborative work towards a digital future. Our driving force is innovation, and our motivation is an exchange-focused team spirit. You make a lasting impact on our customers when you design integrated IT solutions using cutting-edge technologies. 

Flexible work forms 

We provide our employees with a flexible working environment based on trust and personal accountability through mobile and flexible work forms. This fosters dedication and creativity in the workplace.


We can only beat the global competition if we have varied teams. Our culture is built on the foundation of variety. It helps to influence the digital world of tomorrow by facilitating important creative and innovative ideas, projects, and solutions.


Everything we do is built on the basis of integrity. Our commitment to honesty, trust, and openness has earned us admiration and respect. Even when no one is looking, we do the right thing.


GoodID has been created by ID&Trust Ltd., a global expert in digital identification technologies. Founded in 2002, ID&Trust has worked on pioneering projects, both local and international, for private and public organizations. We’ve developed electronic passports with ICAO PKD in Japan, health cards for 20 million people in Romania and a multifunctional card solution for eIDAS-compliant, new-generation electronic ID cards in Hungary.

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